This Tumblr continues in the spirit of the Four Corners exhibition (10.10.12-10.20.12) of Philadelphia and PA-based design at the minima gallery in old city. Curators/Tumblrs: Caroline Tiger and Royce Epstein. {For more info, contact & follow @4CornersPHL}

Philly yarn-bomber Jessie Hemmons (who goes by Ishknits) has been installing her knit creations in public settings for a few years now, delighting some people and befuddling others with unexpected juxtapositions of craft and street. She even yarn-bombed the Rocky statue, and then the Perelman Gallery of the PMA last Spring (although isn’t wasn’t bombing per se in that case since it was by invitation for the ‘Craft Spoken Here’ exhibit). We found this video for a series called “American Hipster Presents” which chronicles trends happening in ten cities across the US, and Hemmons is featured showing her process and work.


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